Pool House Plumbing

Installed rough-in plumbing for pool house today.  The owners are looking forward to the kids being able to use a bathroom without coming into the house with wet feet and dripping bathing suits.


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How to Check for a Leaking Toilet – and Save Water.

Stop Toilet Leaking and Wasting WaterHow do you check for a leak in your toilet? One obvious sign is if your toilet is constantly replenishing itself.

For a slow leak however, use food coloring. Put 6 or 7 drops in the tank of the toilet (not the bowl). Use blue, the color of most toilet bowl cleaners. Wait a half hour to an hour.

Check the bathroom floor around the base of the toilet. If you see any blue, there’s some leaking. Check inside the bowl. If there’s a blue tint in there, then there’s leaking from the tank to the bowl.

A slow leak in your toilet can mean not just the waste of hundreds of gallons of water per year, but possible water damage and rot to floors, tiles, etc.

Why Use Allison Plumbing?

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“I have used Allison plumbing for years in both my home and business plumbing needs and recommend them to all my friends.

Ken is honest and only fixes what needs to be fixed instead of trying to make his mortgage payment off YOUR plumbing job!”

 — Steve from La Verne